Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Lilli perform?

Lilli performs worldwide at all sorts of events. She has previously performed at Gala's, Product Launches, Private Parties, in Theatres, Opera, Cabarets, TV Shows, Theme Parks, Cruise Liners, Street Shows, Festivals and many more. Her work has taken her as far as Hawaii, India, Africa, Dubai and Japan.


What acts does Lilli perform?

Lilli can perform solo aerial hoop and silk acts, multiple synchronised silk acts, duo and synchrosied hoop acts, trapeze, rope and harness as well as meet-and-greet performances including aerial, stilts, acrobatics and unicycle.


What are the requirements for an aerial performance?

All aerial acts require one structural rigging point with a minimum weight-baring load of 500kg at a minimum height of 4,5 metres, per performer.

Duo performances with two people on the same piece of equipment require a structural rigging point with a minimum weight-baring load of 1000kg.


Who does the rigging?

Depending on the venue’s structure, height and accessibility Lilli may be able to rig on her own. For more complex venue structures Lilli can recommend a qualified rigger who can offer technical advice and rigging services.


How much does a performance cost?

Prices vary, depending on the length and type of the show, the event, location, and particular job requirements. Please contact Lilli to discuss your enquiry.


Does Lilli supply her own equipment and costumes?

Lilli supplies her own aerial hoops and silks. She uses red, white and black silks but other colours can be sourced. Lilli is happy to supply her own rigging equipment, including carabiners and slings. She uses professional climbing and heavy lifting equipment, with the appropriate rated certificates.

Lilli has a range of different costumes for solo and duo performances but she is always happy to create new and bespoke costumes for specific events.


Is Lilli insured for her performances?

Lilli is a member of Equity, who provide a world wide public liability insurance.


How much notice does Lilli need?

Lilli is always happy to perform! She is spontaneous and always ready to go. So please call to check availability if you still need an aerialist for your event tomorrow!


How long are the performances?

Lilli's choreographed performances are generally between 4-6 minutes.

Atmospheric aerial 'hang about' (longer sets of improvised meet-and-greet performances, especially suitable for reception events) can be performed for 10-20 minutes and up to 4 times per event.

All show lengths can be tailored to suit your event.